HBV is looking for 20 new volunteer coaches who will coach about 1-2 times a month. During the summer season, the training will be held in Hietsu once a week on Thursday evenings. The new coaches will get coaching training from Jyrki Nurminen on Monday 9th of May at 5:30 p.m. In May, HBV’s training shifts at Hiekka are exclusively reserved for coaches to rehearse what they have learned and hone their skills towards the summer. You can also coach in pairs. Register by Monday 2.5.2022.

As a coach, you get to help others to develop and tips for your own development

Salla, Kimmo and Jouni tell why they started coaching. Enthusiasm and interest in the sport are, according to the trio, the most important qualities of a coach. Learning by teaching others is emphasized in the trio’s speeches. “The more you tell others, the more you rehearse yourself,” Jouni concludes.

Jouni, Salla and Kimmo say that coaching forces you to structure things and talk about them clearly to others as well. Coaches see players of different levels, all with different development targets. It makes you reflect if you are making the same mistakes and if the advice given to the trainees will help you to develop yourself.

There is also a desire to develop the sport forward and coaching is a way to help with that. HBV has grown to include more than 1,000 members and is run almost entirely on a voluntary basis. Running and developing the activity requires a small effort from the members, be it volunteering in tournament arrangements, board work or even coaching. A compelling reason for the trio to volunteer for training is also a love for HBV.

In addition, helping others to develop is rewarding. “If the trainees thank you, then it’s pretty nice. It makes you feel good.” says Jouni.

The free of charge shift for coaches after the Sunday training has also attracted on Sundays. However, they often change ideas about coaching and test different drills also during their own play time. In other words, they develop as coaches and players. As a bonus, active HBV members have also been rewarded with various equipment and the volunteer party at the end of the summer.

Kimmo and Salla give a final summary with the trainees. After that, they move back to the court for the coaches´own shift.

How is coaching planned and implemented?

Salla and Kimmo spend about half an hour to one hour defining the themes and focus of their coaching. When they started coaching, they also wrote down variations on the drills, that is, the rehearsal patterns with different amounts of trainees.

Jouni has a notebook in which he makes notes of trainings he participates in, writes down his own developments and devises drills. For Jouni, who has already been coaching for a while, planning one training session means a couple of French line notes.

Tips for successful coaching from the trio:

    • Plan your drills in advance.
    • Give trainees developmental feedback based on receptivity.
    • Try to give everyone one personal development target during your coaching.
    • Less is more. People will learn a maximum of three things in one coaching session.

 Multi-level players are suitable to coach at HBV

“The common misconception is that you should be a pro player to be able to coach,” says Kimmo.

So it is very good to start coaching on a hobby basis. “It helps a lot if you’ve ever been coached yourself. It helps that you take part in trainings and go forward from there, ”Jouni explains.

“If you don’t follow the sport at all and never participate in anyone’s coaching, then it’s harder to get going. The most important thing is an interest in the sport and the desire to develop holistically in beach volleyball, ”Kimmo still ponders.

The thirst for knowledge and the desire to evolve clearly unite this trio. “For example, the videos on the Better at Beach Volleyball Youtube channel have been actively consumed. We also use the international online FIVB Beach Volleyball Drill-Book, ” says Salla.

Feel free to give it a try! There are plenty of new ideas for running drills and the ideas are accumulating step by step. As experience is gained, the implementation of the training becomes easier.

HBV will conduct an anonymous feedback survey on the trainings held in 2021-2022 for members. The survey is aimed for members who have attended the trainings, coached during them or are interested in coaching. Give feedback and help us develop the trainings: https://s.surveyplanet.com/5t3v0hzm.

Jouni runs drills for the group at Sunday training at Hiekka.


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